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Learning to triumph over trauma can be a long and winding road unless you start somewhere you can land up nowhere.

I put together a host of content to support your journey including blogs, YouTube content, and podcast recordings as my gift to help you heal.

To take the next step and work with me through my courses or coaching.


To get you started on the deep dive of healing these courses cover everything from finding gratitude in grief to self-care to compassion and building a new life recognising the gifts in your experiences.

I recommend you start with the simplicity course and progress through to Self-Awareness and Dream Building.

Each of these courses are designed to give you tools that will help you excavate the purpose, lessons, and opportunities that your experiences are providing in your life.


Immerse yourself in an intensive one on one coaching journey as you triumph over the experiences that have left you traumatised, suffering, closed down, lost, alone and isolated.

I have been in your shoes, I have felt you pain, and this is your invitation to rise above your story and find new meaning and a new normal that leaves you inspired to live life to its fullest.

Together in these powerful one on one sessions we will explore everything that has broken you down by unpacking the emotional trauma, triggers, and turmoil. From this platform you will reach for gratitude, self-awareness, self-care, forgiveness, compassion, and a vision for a future so enticing and irresistible you will feel excitement over sadness, empowerment over despair and create the path to the person you were always meant to be!


“We are all vulnerable at times. Fallible. Less than polished. It’s part of being human. What separates the strong from the weak is the ability to find your feet again. To anchor yourself, allow yourself to feel what you need to feel and then pull yourself back up.

When you combine many tiny steps forward, you gain momentum. With momentum, you become unstoppable. There is no way you can’t reach your goal, whatever it may be, if you have momentum on your side.”
– Paula Gowland

Whether you are exploring knowledge in personal expansion techniques, navigating grief, physical or emotional trauma, or even a sense of overwhelm in business or in life, the insights Paula has gained have been transformed into a winning formula used to support people who have been stopped in their tracks. Paula is dedicated to supporting others to triumph over trauma and use trauma as a vehicle to become more, not less and help you to build a purposeful and connected fun filled life.

Paula’s shares a journey of profound learning, healing and self-discovery coupled with an untiring appreciation for the preciousness of life.

Being forced into the darkest places left no alternatives for Paula. Rising above her struggle for a new normal has led her to become a beacon of inspiration around the world.

Her unwillingness to surrender to the depression, loss and suffering while being in and out of hospital beds for more than two and half years, drove her to dig deeper and deeper with every setback. She refused to sacrifice her sanity for the sake of her children, husband, family, and YOU!


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