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From fitting in to truly standing out,

Paula’s journey has been one of profound learning, healing and self-discovery coupled with an untiring appreciation for the preciousness of life.

Being forced into the darkest places left no alternatives for Paula. Rising above her struggle for a new normal has led her to become a beacon of inspiration around the world.

Paula Gowland is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and trauma coach. She has become a beacon of inspiration around the world as she opens our eyes to the strength of human resilience, giving us the courage to leap towards the life we are destined to live.

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Paula Gowland

Knowing that one day, her experiences would have reason and meaning, she submerged herself into learning, personal expansion techniques, aromatherapy, tapping, Reiki, astrology and numerology and even trained under Dr. Doreen Virtue.

Dedicated to supporting others to triumph over trauma, Paula’s experiences have served as the vehicle for her courses, coaching and online content platforms. She is relentless in her desire to inspire hearts and move minds to use their trauma as a vehicle to become MORE, not less.

Her unwillingness to surrender to the depression, loss and suffering while being in and out of hospital beds for more than two and half years, drove her to dig deeper and deeper with every setback. She refused to sacrifice her sanity for the sake of her children, husband, family, and YOU!

Her resilience and dedication to supporting others on their own journeys has seen Paula:


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